In-Game InformationEdit

Yutaka Seto (Battle Royale) was pulled into Panem to participate in the 75th Hunger Games, specifically for the unveiling of the new concept of the games better known as Arena 01. He was given a score of 4 by the Gamemakers and assigned to represent District 12 alongside fellow tribute Neha Manzione.

Yutaka was able to remain alive through the boodbath at the cornucopia, though in being timid and seemingly uninterested in killing others, he gained no sponsors throughout his time in the arena. He had a short, tentative alliance with District 8 tribute Charlotte LaBouff for a time. But ultimately the two separated not long after the first week of the game.

Yutaka died 11 days into the arena after consuming a poisonous shellfish. After his death inside the Arena, Yutaka was never heard from again and it is believed that his Arena death was permanent.

All Yutaka's in-game activity can be found here.

**Special NotesEdit

The character of Kurnourma was apped for the first Game Cycle, and therefore his character was counted among the tributes lifed into Arena 01. However, the character was considered dropped due to inactivity and all actions regarding his death have been handwaved for plot purposes. The character of Yutaka Seto is not currently active and may be applied for by anyone at any time. Any person choosing to apply for this character my choose to keep the current in-game information and character relationships for their own plotting devices, or may app the character as having no memory whatsoever of their time in Panem.

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