Venus Dee Milo

Canon Marvel 616
District District 5
Score 2 million
Abilities Seducing asexual Frenchmen.
Known Allies Enjolras , Maximus, Ellie, Kankri Vantas
First Arena Arena 06
Last Arena N/A
Current Status Alive
Player Lisa

Venus Dee Milo is a District 5  Tribute who does things that will be explained below!

Before The Games Edit

Venus' life story before the Games would go here!

In the Games (under construction)Edit

Life in the Games goes here!


  • When she has her superpowers, Venus can teleport herself and others, fire lasers, and perform minor healing.


  • Venus' real name is Delilah Joy Milo. Thus far, she has only disclosed her first name to Enjolras.
  • Venus has a preference for sweet foods, and can usually be seen drinking diet soda and fruit smoothies.
  • Venus sings to the kitchen appliances every night and morning.
  • Venus' token is a small wire and bead pendant she received from a citizen of District 5.
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