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The most famous token of them all.

A Tribute token is a memento belonging to any given Tribute. Tributes are allowed to bring one item of sentimental value to them into the Arenas during the Hunger Games, provided it passes the approval of the Gamemakers.

A Tribute token, by its nature, must not be anything which can give any Tribute an advantage during the Games; thus, anything which can be used as weaponry or has been (or can be) improvised to become a weapon is banned from being carried into the Arena. Most tokens are small, and are generally something which can be securely worn on and around the body, such as something on a necklace or a pin. Tokens not secured in such a way, while not banned, can be potentially dangerous and even fatal for the Tribute in question if they should lose it at an unfortunate moment (such as, for example, dropping the token on the starting platform on accident).

The most famous Tribute token is the mockingjay pin, worn by Katniss Everdeen during the 74th Hunger Games. It has since become the adopted symbol of the Rebellion. Ironically, Katniss was not the first owner of this token; it also belonged to a previous Tribute, Maysilee Donnor, who wore it during the 50th Hunger Games.

Known Tokens[]


  • Wooden Ball (unknown female tribute, unknown Hunger Games)
  • Ring (Glimmer, 74th District Games; confiscated due to hidden poison spike)
  • Wooden star charm (Rue, 74th Hunger Games)
  • Mockingjay pin (Maysilee Donnor, 50th Hunger Games; Katniss Everdeen, 74th Hunger Games)

The Games[]

  • Purple bandanna (Donatello Hamato)
  • Army dog tags (Steve Rogers)
  • Key of Space-Time (Chibiusa)
  • Hollowed-out bishop (Ariadne)
  • Chelsea dog tags (Alex Rider)
  • U.S. Marshal's pin, lucky rabbit's foot (formerly Howard Bassem's), and golden eagle (all on a necklace) (Wyatt Earp)
  • Sunglasses (Albert Wesker; Richard B. Riddick)
  • Lucky rabbit's foot keychain (Howard Bassem)
  • Cloth and wooden handpuppet (Punchy)
  • Marco Salazar's infant hospital bracelet (Eva Salazar)