The Psiioniic 2.0
D2-Helmsmen zpscd594bb4.jpg
Canon Homestuck
Age adult
District District 9
Score 10
Abilities Precognition (doom-related), telekinesis, optiic bla2t, hacking
Known Allies The Signless
First Arena Arena 12
Last Arena N/A
Current Status Alive
Player Miso

The Psiioniic had previously been brought to Panem as a Tribute. After a period of time, the Capitol chose to bring him back for Arena 12 without those memories, this time representing District 9.

Before the Games[edit | edit source]


During the Games[edit | edit source]


Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Nightvision; trolls are nocturnal.
  • Durability. Trolls can be thrown, stabbed, lose a lot of blood, and still be in fighting condition. Psii is at the weaker end of the troll adult scale.
  • Telekinesis unequaled among trolls, e.g. able to hurl a spaceship across thousands of light years in a matter of hours
  • Optic blasts
  • Precognition (involuntary) via visions and voices of the imminently deceased
  • Hacking
  • Electronic interference (presumably accidental)
  • Apiculture networking and beenary code

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Random triiviia goe2 here.
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