With unlimited tributes coming and going from Panem at all times, the Hunger Games never have to end. Each Game Cycle will begin with a new Arena and its own special round of tributes. Each Game Cycle will last approximately 2 months depending on pace, player involvement and death counts. There will generally be a week or two of downtime between Game Cycles for everyone to catch their breath and catch up on plots and backtags.

If you are joining the game with a new character that is from ANY OTHER FANDOM OUTSIDE HUNGER GAMES CANON you will be a tribute in the newest Game Cycle. You will continue to be a tribute until you are crowned as a victor, or you petition to be released from the Games and put to 'better use' inside the Capitol.

Before each Game Cycle begins, the Gamemakers will post to the Out Of Character Community - thegamesooc - information regarding the upcoming Arena. There, players both new and old will be able to get a feel for what settings, dangers and supplies their character is going to land themselves in.

Past ArenasEdit

Arena 01 - An isolated region of rugged terrain and snow, Arena 01 resembled areas simliar to that of the Pacific Northwest as it was during the 21st Century. There were a total of 24 tributes who partcipated in this Arena. Jane Shepard of District 9 was crowned as the victor of Arena 01.

Arena 02 - A desolate, arid and treatcherous city long abandonded by it's population, Arena 02 was full of hazards and very short on water. Though no longer recognizable, this arena was layed out to resemble a post-apocalyptic Boston. A total of 36 Tributes participated in Arena 02, however no one was told of this change until the tributes were revealed at the cornucopia. Max Guevara of District 1 was crowned as the victor of Arena 02.

Arena 03 - A tropical but dangerous paradise, Arena 03 saw a total of 48 tributes revealed at the cornucopia, but the size of the arena itself was only a tenth the size of Arena 02. Ariadne of District 6 was crowned as the victor of Arena 03 after a dramatic finale.

Arena 04 - A radioactive canyon with the husk of what once was a nuclear powerplant. A total of 36 tributes were raised into the arena at the Cornucopia on the opening day, but as the game progressed, a total of three more new trinutes were released at random. This is the first Arena that this event occured. The victor of Arena 04 was Kevin Prentiss of District 2

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