Tributes Female Male
D1 Amethyst Fuse
D2 Xandia Titan
D3 Eclipse Radon
D4 Crest Dock
D5 Solar Chrome
D6 Luna Lunar
D7 Jade Fang
D8 Avery Ronin
D9 Astrid Falcon
D10 Eileen Ryker
D11 Starla Denick
D12 Sno Talon

The Arena

The Arena is split up into quarters. To the Northwest, it's a thick forest with tall trees all around. To the Northeast, it is an Arctic biome with constant dangers including dangerous penguin mutations, but this is also the place where the most valuable items belong. To the Southwestern quarter, there is a dry desert that is covered in sand and burning rocks with a Savannah as the border. The sand includes dangerous specimens, including deadly scorpions and venomous snakes, but similar to the dangerous Arctic Biome, most of the best health items are kept in this part of the Arena. In the fourth quarter to the Southeast, includes a moderately deadly humid swamp that is surrounded by an abandoned Metropolis that has 8 buildings. Each day, one of these buildings collapses. To tell which one falls is indeterminable. In the middle of this quarter is the swampland that has a large and humid swamp in the center with deadly disease carrying mosquitoes and poisonous snakes lurking around for prey. The surface of the swamp, however, is a gold mine of iodine filled bottles.

Day 1 : The Bloodbath

The Cornucopia is located in a small plains area in the Northwestern quarter. The clock hits zero and everyone flies off the starting pads. Jade from 7 gets stabbed with a sword in the chest by Titan. Starla from 11 is speared in the back by Dock from 4. Talon from 12 gets his throat slit by Solar. Denick from 11 gets shot with an arrow in the back by Luna. Dock gets stabbed in the abdomen repeatedly by Titan. Avery from 8 takes a throwing knife in the neck which was thrown by Luna. Fang from 7 also takes a knife from Luna into the neck. Eileen from 10 gets stabbed in the abdomen by Astrid after a brutal battle. Radon from 3 is beheaded and sliced into three parts by Titan and his sword. Chrome runs away in fear after watching his ally get completely mutilated.

After the Bloodbath

Chrome runs away into the forest in complete horror of what he had just witnessed, but isn't paying much attention to the ground and trips on a trap-rope and falls. Luna comes running out from her hiding spot and almost slits his throat, until she realizes who he his. Luna steps back ad explains the alliance that she and Solar had formed with each other at the Training Center. Luna informs Chrome about what she knows about the arena, and that it is a circle split up into 4 quarters. Luna takes Chrome to the border on the intersection which forms the path to the Southeastern quarter, where

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