Lily Rammsteiner
Canon DOGS: Bullets and Carnage
District District 4
Score 8
Known Allies
First Arena Arena 01
Last Arena Arena 02
Current Status Deceased (killed permanently during Cornucopia)


In Game Information[edit | edit source]

Lilly Rammsteiner (DOGS: Bullets and Carnage) was pulled into Panem to participate in the 75th Hunger Games, specifically for the unveiling of the new concept of the games better known as Arena 01. She was given a score of 8 by the Gamemakers and assigned to represent District 4 alongside fellow tribute Duke Dillenbeck.

Lilly survived the inital bloodbath of the cornucopia, and contributed in part to it by killing District 10 tribute, Brady Artherton during her attempt to flee the area. She survived admirably through the first half of the arena, making tentative alliances with Amelia Reese and Kaidan Alenko at times.

A scuffle with Ken Hidaka did not end well and Lilly was gravely injured during Day 14 of the arena. But she was ultimately killed by Kaiden Alenko, per Lilly's request.

After her death in Arena 01, she was occasionally spotted around the Capitol by fellow tributes and her mentors, Annie Cresta and Finnick Odair. It is unknown if she did anything to further prepare herself for entering the next arena.

Lilly was killed almost instantly during the cornucopia of Arena 02. Since she was one of the select few to reappear after her death in Arena 01, many expected to see her again shortly after her death in Arena 02. Regrettably, Lilly was never heard from again and it is believed that her second Arena death was permanent.

Lily's arena history can be found here.

Special Notes[edit | edit source]

The character of Lilly was played for the durration of the first Game Cycle, but the character was considered dropped due to inactivity after the opening of Arena 02 and all her actions inside Arena 02 have been handwaved for plot purposes.

The character of Lilly Rammsteiner is not currently active and may be applied for by anyone at any time. Any person choosing to apply for this character my choose to keep the current in-game information and character relationships for their own plotting devices, or may app the character as having no memory whatsoever of their time in Panem.

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