Doctor John A. Zoidberg

Zoidberg 1292535442 48
Canon Futurama
District District 1/District 13
Score 10
Abilities Limited medical training, extensively trained as an art historian, hard outer shell, massive claws, tastes great with butter.
Known Allies Carlos, Guy Crood
First Arena Arena 09
Last Arena Arena 09
Current Status Alive
Player NPC
"It is as it should be! At last, Zoidberg will be living in style!"
---Doctor Zoidberg to Victory Hannibal

Doctor John A. Zoidberg is a District 1 Tribute, best recognized as the terrifyingly incompetent alien doctor who looks like a lobster.  Originally from planet Decapod 10 and hailing from some thousand years in the future, Zoidberg likens himself the "Loveable Tramp" of the Hunger Games.

Before The Games Edit

John A. Zoidberg was born on the planet Decapod 10 in the early 30th century to Sam and Norm Zoidberg. His parents died following the mating process, as is typical of his species, and he was raised by a relative named Sadie who pressured him into becoming a doctor instead of pursuing his dream of becoming a comedian like his uncle Harold. Eventually Zoidberg did become a doctor, obtaining his Ph.D. in art history. Armed with the new moniker Doctor Zoidberg, he left Decapod 10 for Earth, intent on making a living as a wealthy doctor.

Unfortunately for Doctor Zoidberg, he knew nothing about human anatomy and was completely unqualified to practice medicine. However, through a series of never revealed events, he came to be employed by Professor Hubert Farnsworth, mad inventor/owner of the Planet Express delivery service. Zoidberg became the ship's doctor/company physician, though the company had no need for his services. In fact, it is debatable as to whether or not he is even technically an employee of Planet Express, considering he does not draw a pay check and is essentially a squatter in their HQ. It's been implied that Zoidberg stays with Farnsworth in an attempt to earn his freedom.

For years, Zoidberg has been an essentially unwanted member of the Planet Express crew, causing calamity and mischief alongside fellow employees Fry, Bender, Leela, Amy, Hermes, and the Professor. Throughout his tenure with Planet Express, Zoidberg had many misadventures. He was drafted into the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP) Army as a surgeon, he obtained degrees in murderology and murderonomy, and he even traveled back in time to 1947, where he was captured by the U.S. Army near Roswell, New Mexico.

In the Games Edit

Zoidberg arrived just in time to celebrate Enjolras ' crowning and he made quite an impression on his fellow tributes, quickly forging an alliance with Guy Crood .  He later horrified Marius and Cosette by serenading their wedding inappropriately and getting into a fight with Venus

In his first arena, he attached himself to Carlos in an attempt to find safety and food.




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