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Canon The Last of Us
District District 8
Score 8
Abilities Killing, torture, guitar
Known Allies Ellie
First Arena Arena 09
Last Arena N/A
Current Status Alive
Player Froda

Joel is a District 8 Tribute from a fungus zombie apocalypse.

Before The Games Edit

Once upon a time, Joel was a regular guy, with a job and a house and a daughter he was raising on his own. Then, 20 years ago, a fungal infection broke out, ravaging his world. His daughter died to a soldier's bullets in the initial outbreak, and since then, Joel has crossed a lot of moral lines - torture, assault, murder, smuggling, he's done most of it and his conscience is mostly a thing of the past.

His relationship with Ellie started out as "just another job" - deliver the girl to some Fireflies waiting across town, in exchange for a cache of weapons and ammo. But things got complicated, and it eventually became a cross-country trek, a world-weary old guy and a teenage girl, seeking out the people who might be able to use her to cure the infection, once and for all. That is, until they found themselves in Panem...

In the GamesEdit

Joel arrived in the midst of Arena 09, and quickly drew eyes and ears with his touching reunion with Ellie , who had been there since the previous arena. He didn't particularly distinguish himself, except for one memorable scene upon Ellie's death at the hands of Aunamee, when Joel garnered a lot of sympathy (and perhaps some ire) with his grief-fueled rage.

After the arena, Joel stuck mostly to Ellie and the few allies he'd started to make - including Guy Crood , Wyatt Earp , Elsa and Kili . At Mindy's crowning, he was one of the tributes reaped for the "special" interim arena, to Ellie's displeasure.


  • Killing
  • Survival
  • Torture


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