About The Game. 'The Games' was created with the idea for players to explore the world of The Hunger Games and Panem through the eyes of any character of the players choosing. Have you ever wondered what reaction Spiderman would have if he were thrown into the arena? Do you think that Captain Jack Sparrow would be on the side of the rebellion? Well, this is your opportunity to find out!

With each new Arena, tributes new and old will get to test their strength, courage, cunning, or die trying. Characters can forge new alliances, make new enemies, or indulge themselves in the Capitol to their heart's content. But remember, there is life outside the Arena. The districts of Panem are in various states of turmoil and the Capitol is doing all it can to keep a handle on it all. And with all these new faces coming and going via a device the Capitol cannot possibly control completely, who knows what the future could hold.

Let The Games Begin. You have been told only one thing: survive.

You may have been here a few weeks, you may have just arrived, but none of that matters now as you are loaded into the clear launching tube with nothing but the clothes on your back. As you rise up, through the Arena floor you are able to catch the first glimpses of your new and immediate surroundings. For 30 seconds, you must wait patiently on the platform on which you were raised. One wrong move too soon and your Game will be over before it even begins, for each tribute's launching pad has been rigged with explosives.

Before you, at the center of the Arena where you and all the other tributes have simultaneously appeared, lies a great metal cornucopia filled with a multitude of items you may find essential to your survival. That is, if your can be the one to get (and keep) your hands on it! Depending on the Arena, there may also be items on the ground surrounding the cornucopia. Ground items are often of somewhat lesser value since they are easier to grab, but they are something that you might not want to overlook. The items from the cornucopia or surrounding areas could be anything from food, medicine, clothing, shelter, or even deadly weapons.

As a tribute to this new Game, your goal is survival. It is kill or be killed inside the Arena, and you will be battling not only the other tributes who surround you, but the natural (and unnatural) elements of the outdoor Arena as well. So, make your choices wisely, and quickly, because everyone else around you is going to be doing the same.

Take what you can from the cornucopia, because once someone else has grabbed an item, it's gone. Unless, of course, you would like to try and pry your prizes from the cold, dead fingers of the tribute who took what you desired.

After you take (or don't take) what you like from the cornucopia, that is when the true Games begin. From here on out, your goal is to survive. To win. To be the last one standing. Because that is the ONLY way out.

The Arena is large, and you will be exposed. Take shelter, flee, fight, hunt or curl up in a ball and cry yourself to sleep as you like. But if your strategy is to hide from everyone else and see if you can just "wait it out" you should also keep in mind that these Arenas were designed for the entertainment of the Capitol. As in, someone built them. And more often than not, someone built them to completely mess with your life, or what little may now remain of it. Staying away from your enemies can only work so long, and could become difficult if your shelter is flooded out, or you find yourself being driven by a herd of stampeding wildebeests. Always remember that you are on television for the world to see. It is your job to keep them entertained, and the public has no interest in watching you lurk in the back of a cave for two weeks.

You don't always have to keep to yourself, either. The more interaction you have with the other tributes of the Game, the more entertaining you are. There are no rules against forming up alliances with other tributes. But keep in mind, only one of you can win. So choose wisely.

Once a tribute has been killed, a canon will fire and the body will be promptly exhumed from the location. You are welcome to scavenge any objects off the body of a deceased tribute, if you happen to be in the vicinity (or, you know, you're the reason they are dead). Just make sure you do it quickly. Capitol hovercrafts move quickly, and leave nothing behind.

If you are trying to keep track of who remains, each night, the Capitol's anthem is played, and the faces of the dead will be projected in the sky. This is how your character will be able to keep track of who their competition is.

Arena Information. With unlimited tributes coming and going from Panem at all times, the Hunger Games never have to end. Each Game Cycle will begin with a new Arena and its own special round of tributes. Each Game Cycle will last approximately 2 months depending on pace, player involvement and death counts. There will generally be a week or two of downtime between Game Cycles for everyone to catch their breath and catch up on plots and backtags.

If you are joining the game with a new character that is from ANY OTHER FANDOM OUTSIDE HUNGER GAMES CANON you will be a tribute in the newest Game Cycle. You will continue to be a tribute until you are crowned as a victor, or you petition to be released from the Games and put to 'better use' inside the Capitol. But more on that later...

Before each Game Cycle begins, the Gamemakers will post to the Out Of Character Community - [1]thegamesooc - information regarding the upcoming Arena. There, players both new and old will be able to get a feel for what settings, dangers and supplies their character is going to land themselves in.

Current Arena Post:

Past Arena Posts:

The Cornucopia. In all Arena Posts, there will be a thread for characters who plan to run for the cornucopia. If that's your character style, post to that thread with what your character will be going for, given the list provided in the Arena Post. Gamemakers will use a random number generator to decided their success (Death; life but no success; or success and what they managed to grab.) Your character will have a 25% chance of death if they chose to go for the cornucopia, because it's called a bloodbath for a reason.

So why risk it?

Every week, Death Rolls will be made. Along with the tributes slated to be rolled for that week based upon their character score, a random assortment of higher scored tributes will be rolled for death, too. It doesn't matter how strong you are if you have no weapons to hunt and fight with or food to sustain you! If you go for the cornucopia, your character will be immune to being rolled for until it is your week. That is to say, they will not be included among the random assortment of higher-scored tributes at any time.

Death Rolls. All Death Rolls are made by the Gamemakers using a random number generator (RNG).

As far as your character is concerned, cannons fire as soon as a tribute is killed, and every night the anthem plays and the dead are shown in the sky. But how do you, as a player, know who is supposed to die, and when?

Every Sunday, Gamemakers will make a death post that lists all those who did not have the odds in the favor. The list will show all those the RNG has selected to die sometime within the coming week. But the when, how and why, we leave entirely up to you and your fellow cast mates. We encourage everyone to use these posts to plot character deaths, whether it is your character up for elimination, or your character who will be doing the... eliminating. From there on, you are free to play it out in-game, however you like.

So how do we determine who is up for elimination?

In the application, we ask you to rate your character on a scale of 1-12. This has a huge impact on your character's chances in the Arena. After all, a character with a score of 3 is probably not going to do as well as a character with a score of 11. To reflect this, beginning with the first week of each Arena, all tributes with scores of 1 and 2 will be up for elimination, plus a few tributes with higher scores who did not run for the cornucopia. In the weeks to follow, we will simply take more characters with higher scores, as well as those who managed to survive. Until eventually, only one remains.

General Death Roll Schedule. Week 1: 1's and 2's are rolled for elimination Week 2: 3's and 4's plus those remaining from the last round. Week 3: 5's and 6's, plus those remaining from the last round. Week 4: 7's and 8's plus those remaining from the last round. Week 5: 9's and 10's, plus those remaining from the last round Week 6: 11's and 12's plus those remaining from the last round. Week 7: On this week we roll for a winner, not who dies Week 8: Wrap-up for the current arena and a new Arena Post for the next Game Cycle

Please keep in mind that this is a general death schedule and not a set-in-stone rule, there may be some arenas where this schedule is not used at all, depending on circumstance.

Arena Deaths. Arena deaths my happen in many ways. As previously stated, if your character is up for elimination, they do have to die. But how you go, we entirely leave up to you!

Death by Natural Causes: Exposure, sickness, dehydration, starvation, accidental or basically anything that doesn't have to do with another tribute or the 'powers that be.'

Natural Cause Deaths may be played out as a narrative if you are alone. Please remember if your character has a fair amount of credits, it is unlikely that they would die of hunger; credits are how you get sponsors to send you items, like food for instance.

Death by Tribute: The Capitol's favourite to watch. We strongly encourage this one. The more dramatic, the better! Death by tribute is pretty self explanatory... one tribute kills another; the crowds back in the Capitol cheer.

We prefer that players discuss with one another who is killing whom, or at the very least that you ask for/give permission to each-other to avoid... drama of the unwanted variety. With that said however, you can be as kind or as brutal to each other in-game as you like. Have fun!

Death by Gamemaker: So you don't want your character to eat poisoned bugs on accident, nor do you want them stabbed in the face with a crowbar? That's fine. The Arenas still have plenty in store for you. From surprise!volcano eruptions to rabid wolverine attacks the Gamemakers are more than happy to help you... die. If a Gamemaker death is how you would like to go, just leave the mods a note in the Death Post your character shows up in and we will be happy to assist you.

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Tribute Deaths. After your death in the Arena, your body will be exhumed by Peacekeepers and brought back to the Training Arena. Within 1-3 days (Depending on how gory your death was) you will find yourself restored to the exact state you originally arrived in. No matter what happened to you in the Arena, you will be exactly as you were when you entered Panem the first time.

From now until the opening of the next Arena, your new home is the Training Center. You will find your suite on the floor number associated with whatever District you were assigned to on your arrival. So, if you were assigned to District 3, your suite will be found on Level 3, and you will share a common living room, kitchen, dining area and lounge with all other characters associated with your district.

But it isn't all bad here. The suites are lavish and beautiful; everything you want in the palm of your hand. Food and drink flow freely, your clothing is all extravagant and tailor-made for you, personally. A stylist and their assistants will get you ready every morning, wanting you to always look your best. And you shall be waited on, day or night, hand and foot, by the Capitol's friendly, albeit very quiet helpers, the Avoxes. The Capitol treats its tributes well when they aren't being slaughtered!

While in the Capitol, you are free to do as you please. Attend all the VIP parties you are no doubt getting invites to (because everyone wants a tribute or 8 on their guest list), see what all this rebellion stuff is, work with your stylist, train yourself for the next round, or curl up in your room and cry!

Just remember. Being an Avox is far from the worst the Capitol has up it's sleeve. And it doesn't take kindly to traitors. And if you die here, in the Capitol? Well, let's just say it isn't anything like dying in the Arena. Because if you die here, you have lost your entertainment value and they have no reason to bring you back...

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City Life. The Capitol is very similar to a panfandom city jamjar. The Games will be an ever-present background, and although exciting, the Capitol isn't used to them being so ongoing. It may just be a touch draining for these poor Capitol viewers, having so much excitement going on for them all the time! Their lives are just so rough.

Please remember if you are playing a Capitol native, or interacting with a Capitol NPC their mindset is going to be drastically different than that of most characters. This is a celebratory way of life for them. The Games are exiting and entertaining, even romantic and glamorous at times. Sort of like a bloodier American Idol. If you choose to play a Capitol Citizen character that disagrees with the Games, they are going against their culture and should be played as such. They would also be saying very dangerous things and remember: blatant disrespect to the Capitol will be punished, and there are eyes and ears everywhere.

Which just means you have to watch your back more carefully around here.

Avoxes are the only unfortunately citizens of the city. Their apartment are simple and un-embellished, grouped together in one are at the edge of the city, and their lives full of hard labor. If you choose to play an Avox, you're life won't be...quite as sparkling as the rest of the citizens.

The Capitol is full of decadence and excess. No ones goes without, and usually go with more than they need. Currently the border to other Districts are closed except for government officials, but you'll have no reason to leave. You'll never be bored in the Capitol!

But wait! What if you are not a tribute at all?! What if everything you have read has nothing to do with you?

Panem Natives. If you are playing as a Hunger Games cannon or original character, congratulations, you are considered a Capitol Citizen here at The Games!

The premise of The Games is that President Snow is bringing in people from OUTSIDE Panem to play in the Hunger Games. No one from Panem is harmed, the Capitol is entertained and distracted from silly talk of rebellions... what!?, and everyone wins. Well, except those who die, but what do they matter? They're just strange foreigners anyway.

But Panem needs YOU!

It needs it's mentors (any victor from the 1st Hunger Games to the 74th - yes, that means you, Katniss and Peeta) to guide these new tributes to victory! It needs it's stylists and escorts and prep teams to make them glamorous and the talk of the city. It even needs its everyday citizens, from librarians to Avoxes, and of course its glamorous citizens like Caesar Flickerman and Claudius Templesmith, too. After all, the Capitol is a city just like any other, and it needs a population to run.

Players may play any character that could believably be in the Capitol during the time of the 75th Annual Hunger Games. Just remember, the borders are closed, so you may have to make a convincing argument for some as to why the Capitol would allow them into the city. (Though, we speculate there won't be many characters that will fall into this category.)

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Credit System. Credits are our way to make sure that everyone is keeping active in-game. We aim to make this as interactive for everybody as we can but we all know how frustrating it can be to try and play with a person who has... dropped off the internet. Our credit system is both used to reward activity and possibly... keep you alive. Each character MUST achieve a minimum of 50 credits EACH Game Cycle. You can use any combination of the below to meet activity, and the more you post the more credits you get.

Credits. Making a network post: +10 credits Posting an open log: +15 credits Creating a new alliance with someone (i.e. making new CR): +25 credits Each string over 10 comments: +5 credits Each string over 50 comments: +5 credits Each string over 100 comments: +5 credits Replying to another character's post or thread: +2 credits

  • all players involved can and should claim for credit

As you can see, 50 credits should be fairly easy to earn so long as you play along with us every now and then, but please remember that credits may only be earned in-game. Comments and posts made in the [2]thegamesooc or [3]thecircus DO NOT count towards activity.

Activity checks will roll around with the start of a new Arena, about a week or so before hand. The credits you have earned will be the credits you have available to spend during the newest Game Cycle. Credits DO NOT roll over from Arena to Arena. If you earned 150 credits in your first Game Cycle, and you earned 205 in your second Game Cycle, you do NOT have 355 credits for your third Game Cycle. You have 205.

You will have from the time the Arena Post/Activity Check is first posted until the opening of the new Arena to report in. All those who fail to report in will be considered dropped. But don't worry, we will give you fair warning and plenty of opportunity to cash in. We aren't just going to kick you out because your life got busy for a week. We just want to make sure that we know who is still with us so we can get everybody involved. You ARE the star of the show, after all.

But wait! What if you JUST joined before a new Arena Post. Didn't we say that it was alright for new tributes to wait to until the Arena opens to join in?! You're brand new! You haven't earned any credits!?

New Tribute Credits. Fresh meat?! Awesome.

If this is your first Game Cycle - and this has nothing to do with the Arena number. If your first time playing with us happens to be joining in at Arena 37, this is still YOUR first Game Cycle - you will begin with a default 100 credits.

Why do you begin with 100 credits, you wonder?

Why, to buy things, of course!

Sponsors. Having sponsors in the Arena is the difference between life and death.

Sponsorship is a mix of IC and OOC activity. Most sponsorship we are trusting you to hand wave, or work out with your mentor if you have a PC mentor. The mods will only step in if someone is abusing the system. If your tributes never does anything to be popular with the crowds, they won't suddenly be getting three course meals at the end of the arena.

➳50 credits - the minimum requirement for each Activity Check is enough for you to scrape by. Can you survive off of it? Well... we hope it's an easy Arena this time around, or that you are incredibly lucky. You might want to earn a little more next round.
➳100 credits - this is what we give you to start you off with, because it should be enough to get you through it. Will it be comfortable? Probably not. But you can survive. In theory.
➳200 credits or more - now this is where the good stuff is. Anything less than this, sure, you can eat and sip on some water and maybe keep yourself warm at night. But the more credits you have... well, maybe you can just by yourself another day to live.

So how do these credits help? Because you can cheat death with them.

Cheating Death.

the Katniss option
The Gamemakers may randomly decided to try to kill you. Rude, yeah we know, but that is what the Capitol pays us for. However! If you happen to have enough credits left, it might be possible for you to buy your way out of these deaths. The sum will NOT be cheap, but we will make sure to work with you so that it doesn't screw up anything backdated.

You can not buy your way out of a scheduled death roll, only mod deaths that we randomly throw at you. How will you know when that happens? At any point in game, your character's life may be... interrupted. Gamemakers may interrupt your arena threads at any given time and throw a random death at you. From radiation poisoning to vilociraptor attacks, no player is immune from these; no one is safe. These deaths will be thrown at you at any given time, unannounced, in-game. (I.E. These deaths will not be listed among the scheduled deaths in the weekly death posts.) This is a good example of how that may look, if it happens to you.

the Peeta option
You're a nice guy (or gal) and you just can't stand to watch your new (or old) friend die. The Capitol loves a good sob story, so we are more than happy to allow you to volunteer to die in the place someone else. If you have enough credits, and the character you want to sacrifice yourself for has been rolled for, simply comment in the appropriate Death Post and we'll be happy to oblige!

The only way to survive a scheduled death roll is to have someone else volunteer to take your place. OR for a mentor or other player from inside the Capitol to sponsor you personally. For example, one tribute may volunteer to take the place of another tribute's death. OR a mentor or character from within the capitol may personally fit the bill.

And yes. We do allow players to pool credits, if the price seems a little out of your range. After all, everything does get more expensive as the arena progresses.

Supplies. What about buying things besides death?

Each arena will come with a supply list that you can use credits to buy from. Every week those prices will double. So something that is 10 credits week one will be 20 in week 2 and 40 in week 3.

Disclaimer. ➳We are in no way affiliated with the Hunger Games movie or book series. We are simply humble fans like yourself who wish to further explore the world of Panem. By no means do we consider ourselves experts in anyway of the series canon. Nor do we intend to stick directly to the plot of the books. Our goal is to have fun and explore; all we are doing is inviting you along.

Questions? Good.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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