The Districts are a series of states that were set up to form (alongside The Capitol) the nation of Panem. The districts have a certain job to do for the Capitol (ex. District 4: Fishing)

The districts that exist or had existed in Suzanne Collins 'Hunger Games' and their purposes are as follows:

District 1: Luxury: Known for creating jewelry and luxury items for The Capitol

District 2: Masonry: Known for mining and the nation's stone producer

District 3: Technology: Known for making and creating the technology products for the Capitol

District 4: Fishing: Known for fishing and producing the sea food and capture for the Capitol

District 5: Power: Known for making and supplying the power and electricity for the Capitol

District 6: Transportation: The most populous district known for engineering (especially transportation)

District 7: Lumber: Known for lumber and supplying trees and paper for the Capitol

District 8: Textiles: Known for producing fabrics, specializing in textile fabrics

District 9: Grain: Known for producing the wheat and grain for the Capitol

District 10: Livestock: Known for producing the animals, meat, and poultry for the Capitol

District 11: Agriculture: Known for producing the fruits and vegetables for the Capitol

District 12: Known for mining (especially coal) and supplying it to the Capitol

District 13: Graphite and Nuclear: Known for producing the graphite and nuclear weapons for the Capitol

District 14: Medicine: Rumored and thought to be the district of medicine, though it was just created by fans

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