District 11
Export(s) Agriculture
Approximate Location Southern United States/Cotton Belt
Capitol Keyword Service
"Known for its bountiful orchards, District 11's workers spend their days among rustling fruit trees and sizeable farms."
―Description from The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide

District 11 is the eleventh designated District of Panem. It is one of the larger Districts of Panem due to its vast crop fields. District 11 is the second-poorest of the Districts, as well as one of the Districts most harshly dealt with by the Capitol and the Peacekeepers. There are generally few winners from this District due to the starvation rations keeping the people in a state of malnutrition; nearly every crop grown is sent to the Capitol, and anyone caught taking any food is sentenced to a public whipping.

It is due to the death of one of their Tributes in the 74th Hunger Games, and the actions of Katniss Everdeen afterwards, that the Rebellion began in District 11; the Tribute, Rue, had been well-loved by most of the people. Though the riot that ensued was eventually suppressed, the rebellious furor nevertheless spread to other Districts, triggering a series of events which led to the bringing in of Tributes from other worlds.

It is strongly implied that the majority of the people who are natives of this District are of African-American and Latin-American descent.

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"District 11 is a large district located in an area once known as the 'Deep South,' an area well known for its fruit orchards and plantations. It is considered to be one of the poorer districts of Panem. Laws and rules also seem to be enforced much more strictly in District 11 than in other districts."
―The Moderators




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  • The official District nail polish is Agro.
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