District 1
Export(s) Luxury
Approximate Location Northwest United States; Lower Cascade Mountains & Napa Valley
Capitol Keyword Loyalty
"District 1 makes the luxury goods that decorate and beautify our great Capitol. Its excellent taste and craftsmanship keep Capitol residents bewigged and bedazzled year-round."
―Description from The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide

District 1 is the first designated district in Panem. It is the richest District in Panem, second only to the Capitol due to its export of luxury goods. These goods include diamonds (some artificially made from graphite, providence unknown) and other precious gems, as well as top-shelf wine and furs. Due to the wealth of this District, many from this District are known to have ostentatious and "glamorous" names which reflect the items they give to the Capitol.

District 1 is one of the three Career Districts of Panem, meaning their Tributes are generally trained from youth specifically for the Hunger Games, and are thus better-fed and prepared with a better chance of survival. Many Tributes from this District willingly try to volunteer for the Games, and it is considered a source of pride both to be Reaped and (if the Tribute survives) to be a Victor.

Gamemakers' DescriptionEdit

"Considered a Career District, District 1 is the wealthiest of all 12 Districts of Panem, due to the nature of its industry. Because of its wealth and relative proximity, it is greatly favoured by The Capitol; citizens of District 1 are rare to want for anything, never going without food or supplies. District 1 is located in the north/northwestern region of what was once known as the United States of America. It includes much of old California's 'Wine Country' and is rich in minerals."
―The Moderators




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  • The official District nail polish is Luxe and Lush, which is shares with the Capitol.
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