President Coriolanus Snow
Canon The Hunger Games
Age Unknown
District Capitol
Player NPC

President Coriolanus Snow is the tyrannical, paranoid leader of Panem, and the party responsible for the Tributes arriving from other worlds, as well as for the continuing Hunger Games themselves. He has ruled from the Capitol since at least the time of the 50th Hunger Games, and is obsessed with maintaining his power and enforcing his rule on the Districts.

Unknown to most people, President Snow poisoned himself many years ago, resulting in perpetual blood sores in his mouth. The scent of these sores are covered up by the signature white roses he is always seen carrying.

Pre-Games BiographyEdit

President Snow has ruled Panem for at least 25 years; at the time of Haymitch Abernathy's victory, he had long ruled alone. He was notorious for his cruelty and his insanity, going so far as to drink poison intended for his original co-rulers in order to ensure they didn't suspect him as the murderer. He regularly tortured and killed those he believed were embarassing him, threatening his rule, or disobeying him. Victors from the Hunger Games were not immune to this, as he regularly forced the more attractive Victors (such as Finnick Odair) into prostitution in order to glean secrets from Capitol citizens he suspected to be rebels; he was also known to threaten and kill the families of disobedient Victors.

However, with the conclusion of the 74th Hunger Games, Snow came to the realization that the defiance of Katniss Everdeen had caused the Districts to become rebellious once more. Though Snow knew that he had to find a way to pacify the Districts' anger, he had no intention of discontinuing the Hunger Games, or giving into any substantial demands which would lessen his own grip on power. The discovery of teleportation technology beneath District 2, however, changed everything; with Panem's technology augmenting it, multi-dimensional teleportation was possible. With that in mind, Snow found he had a perfect "twist" for the 75th Hunger Games: A "Never-Ending Quell", with Tributes not from Panem, but from other dimensions entirely. This would not only show the Capitol's strength and allow the Games to be shown perpetually, but would also rob the nascent rebellion of one of its' greatest strengths: the contention of using children from the Districts as Tributes.

The GamesEdit

After Arena 01, President Snow revealed himself on the Network, ordering all Mentors to work harder in training their Tributes, as he'd felt their showing could be better. Then, after Arena 02, he ordered Tributes be shown the Treaty of Treason in order to understand what they were fighting for. He also ordered Mentors to be rounded up and given "special training" to ensure better results; some of them, including Katniss Everdeen and Holly Sheer, have not been seen since.

Snow had Tate Langdon executed publicly during the Arena 03 crowning as a new reminder to the Districts and Tributes, only to be escorted from the crowning when a power failure occurred in the Capitol.

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