372px-AHD Clem Preview
Canon The Walking Dead Game
Age 11
District District 6
Score 7
Abilities HERE
Known Allies Lee Everett, Nick (TWD), Luke, Jane, Joel
First Arena Arena 10
Last Arena N/A
Current Status Alive
Player Manda

‘’’Clementine’’’ is a Tribute representing District 6 who was reaped for Arena 10.

Before the GamesEdit

Warning: Some spoilers for the first season of Telltale Games: The Walking Dead

Then a normal eight-year old girl from Georgia, Clem's world was shattered the day the dead rose. Termed 'Walkers' by the survivors of the outbreak the zombies quickly brought down any semblance of government and social order.

Clementine lost her parents, who were on vacation at the time and had left her with a sitter, in those first early days. Found by Lee, a man who escaped going to prison, she was taken care of by him and lived with a small group of survivors for the beginning months. Roughly three years later (at age eleven), thanks to many numerous threats including starvation, bandits and of course the Walkers themselves Clem had lost all but one member of the group. Then because of dumb zombie world luck she became separated even from this last friend and found herself in with a new group of unknown survivors.

Then she got taken to Panem. Her life sucks.

During the GamesEdit

Arena 10 After escaping from the bloodbath at the Cornucopia Clementine quickly joined up with Ellie and later Joel and Riley. She would stick with the group for the majority of the arena before eventually succumbing to the allure of orchard fruits which caused any tributes who'd partaken to have fierce cravings for more, leading to her wandering from the others where she would fall prey to one of the Spider muttations hiding in one of the trees.

Clementine officially died during week 4. However she would ressurect as a Walker, unwillingly causing the death of Sandy who had tried to come to her aid. Sabriel would later put the zombified Clementine down and allow her to return to the Capitol in week 5.


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