Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield
Canon Resident Evil
District 8 Textiles
Score 7
Abilities Airforce training, hand to hand combat (Knife and gun skills) 
Known Allies --
First Arena 04
Last Arena -- 
Current Status Alive
Player Nicky

Chris was pulled from Raccoon city to Panem in order to participate in the 75th Hunger games (Arriving in Arena 04 ).  He was given a score of 7 and joined Grue and Lottie as District 8 .


Chris is twenty five years old and still a member of the Raccoon City Branch of S.T.A.R.S. He’s got dark hair kept military short, a throw back from his days as an air force pilot. His eyes are dark blue, and 20/20 vision, which is something he prides himself on a little since he’s the sharpshooter for the Alpha team of the S.T.A.R.S. Chris stands an inch shy of six feet, weighs 177 pounds and it’s all muscle, though more the lean muscle that comes with running and swimming instead of just hitting the weights. Chris doesn’t like the big build because it’s harder to get into a smaller cockpit for a fighter jet if you’re huge. 

Most of his skills from the military are small firearms, and knives, though if it has wings there’s a chance he can fly it given enough time to figure out the controls. Chris has won awards for his marksmanship, which helped him move in the ranks of S.T.A.R.S. which was one of the reasons Wesker searched him out to join his team in Raccoon. Wesker only wanted the best. 

He’s the point man of his team, first to go in, and he makes sure he’s the last to leave, refusing to leave any member of his team behind if he can help it. Chris prefers it that way, wanting to prove to the superiors that discharged him that it was a mistake discharging him as well as a mistake trying to order him to take out a bunch of Civs. 

In the ArenaEdit

His first Hunger Games he had a chance to take out Kevin Prentiss, but failed to because he was a boy, this gave Kevin the chance to take him out later in the arena.

Chris is still trying to get his bearings in this new world, thrown off balance by Albert Wesker , whom is nothing like the captain he had looked up to back in S.T.A.R.S.  

In the CapitolEdit

Chris is still a bit of a loner, testing to see who to trust and who he should thank for being dragged out of the zombie infested hell he had been in into this new world where he has to still fight to survive.  Though he will assist other tributes out if he sees they need some assistance, blame it on his upbringing and the fact he still feels it's his job to play the hero role.

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