75th Hunger Games
Type Quarter Quell
Arena Multiple
Winning District Multiple
Winner Multiple
Preceeded by 74th Hunger Games
Followed by Ongoing

The 75th Hunger Games is the current installment of the Hunger Games, and the installment focused on in the main plot of The Games. As a Quarter Quell, always considered a special installment in and of itself, there is a "twist" to the rules and method of Reaping Tributes. In this case, the "twist" is to reap the male and female tributes from the existing pool of victors.

The real motivation behind the new method of reaping and gameplay lies in the hands of President Snow, who desires to crush the rebellion which has been revived due to the events of the 74th Hunger Games. By ensuring that Tributes no longer have to come from Panem, it was believed that one of the major justifications to rise up against the Capitol would be taken from the rebellion. However, it is implied that the rebellion, far from disappearing, is in fact becoming stronger with the new Tributes' arrival, making justification of the Hunger Games in Panem more difficult for the other Districts.

Due to its unique nature, the 75th Hunger Games is also known as the "Never-Ending Quell".

Games SummaryEdit

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