72nd Hunger Games
Type Regular
Arena Rainforest
Winning District District 5
Winner Laya Pitteodi
Preceeded by 71st Hunger Games
Followed by 73rd Hunger Games

The 72nd Hunger Games was the 72nd annual instalment of the Hunger Games. It took place approximately 3 years before the beginning of the 75th Hunger Games, Arena 01.

Games SummaryEdit

The 72nd Hunger Games was known for being one of the best Hunger Games in the history of Panem. It was also the first Games where Seneca Crane was head Gamemaker.

Laya was crowned as the victor of the 72nd Hunger Games. Laya purposely scored 4 in her private trading session. This is a technique similar to the previous years victor, Johanna Mason, where tributes do this to avoid being targeted by other tributes, though it means that you will not receive as many sponsors .

The Bloodbath

Like most of the others, Laya ran for Cornucopia for supplies. When she gets the bag she was attacked by a unnamed tribute , the male tribute from 2 and the leader of the Career Pack. But she was quick, she ran to the woods and hid.

The ArenaEdit

The 72nd Hunger Games took place in a hot, drought-plagued tropical rainforest. Water was scarce, and the already-thin streams dried up completely over the course of the Arena, causing widespread dehydration. Trees would catch fire from the heat, also due to the drought, which threatened to set the entire Arena ablaze. Dangerous wild animals were known to prowl through the bushes, and mosquitoes threatened the Tributes with infection and disease. Poisonous mutations, such as frogs and snakes, were also introduced to endanger Tribute lives.

Once the competition dwindled down to the final Tributes, the Gamemakers created a deadly hurricane which caused flooding, broken trees and mudslides, including the one which buried all of the remaining Tributes underneath it. Only the last two Tributes managed to dig themselves out before suffocation set in, and the hurricane ended when a Victor emerged from the resulting fight.


  • Laya was a victor that had scored 4 in her evaluation.
  • She only killed 1 tribute in her games, due to people not targeting her because of her training score.