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72nd Hunger Games
Type Extreme
Arena Underwater City/ And Shipyards
Winning District District 9
Winner Art Solace
Preceeded by 71st Hunger Games
Followed by 73rd Hunger Games

The 72nd Hunger Games was the 72nd annual instalment of the Hunger Games. It took place approximately 3 years before the beginning of the 75th Hunger Games, Arena 01.

Games Summary[edit | edit source]

The 72nd Hunger Games was known for being one of the best known Hunger Games in the history of Panem. It was also the first Games where Seneca Crane was Head Gamemaker.

Art Solace was crowned as the victor of the 72nd Hunger Games. Art scored a 8 in his Training session. Art did not have many sponsors due to the lack of victors and the poverty rate in District 9.

The Bloodbath[edit | edit source]

When Sorrell went up in the tube, he was sitting on a tall podium above water looking at the Cornucopia which was inside a crashed cruise ship which was stuck on a rock,and the Major twist and problem with this arena is that all of the water is extremely toxic and it would be rare for people to drink safe water. when the gong sounded Art jumped off of his podium and swam to the ship,The water was so toxic that Two tributes died just by swimming in it and when he came to the ship the Bloodbath was already starting Art grabbed a Sword from a crate and swong it in a District 5 Tribute Head knocking them unconsious. then art dragged them towards the toxic water and they drowned in the water Giving Art his first kill he noticed that the supplies in the Cornucopia had more Dangerous weapons then usual Art saw the Career Tributes Viscously killing almost everybody else in the Cornucopia ,so Art hid in a Big container full of supplies untel they were gone at least 13 Tributes Died in the Cornucopia, Leaving 11 More tributes left Luckily when Art moved some crates he found a hatch below the Cornucopia. Leading to the Maitaince levels of the ship There he hid for 1 Week before The Feast happened

The Feast[edit | edit source]

Two Weeks into the Hunger games and only 14 Tributes that died the Game-makers wanted to do something to spice things up with there nuclear arsenal from the west of the Capital. in District 2 They launched one Nuclear bomb in the water in the arena which caused a major tsunami which sank most of the ships and buildings in the arena and with that washed half of all the supplies in the Cornucopia and from the nuclear bomb it caused radiation to go throughout the arena causing all air and water to not be safe, The only water that would be safe is Bottled Fresh Water but everyone in that arena knew the Game had to end soon or there would be no Victors since almost all of the tributes supplies ran out Almost all of the 10 Tributes came to the Feast but since Art was below the Cornucopia he got most of the supplies, and since he stayed in the lower decks he was able to create some explosives, and a system that will detonate the ship and the cornucopia after Art found a Lifeboat and took almost all of the supplies, He got a Sponsor and when he opened it contained a a vital of poison and a syringe he used the whole glass of poison and put it in the syringe and sticked it in the stale peice of bread that was there and left, when he left the Feast that when most of the Tributes Arrived, Art Iniated the Detonation on the ship and then it started to sink to the bottom of the arena the bomb took out 4 Tributes and Then Two tributes from District 4 and 12 Split the Bread and eat it as the ship sank killing them both. leaving 4 More Tributes left in the 72nd Hunger Games

The End Of the 72th Hunger games[edit | edit source]

Since there Were only 4 Tributes Art was determined to Escape the Hunger games ounce in for all and Decided to hunt the rest of the three tributes. and on the Lifeboat that he stole from the Cornucopia Luckily he found the rest of them as then there were only three left as Art Crashed the Lifeboat into the Tributes Hideout The Remaing District tributes 4 and 11 were fighting it out as The District 11 Male Killed the District 9 Female Art Stuck the Sword in District 11s stomach while throwing him in the ocean to die but after all of that Art Solace From District 9 Was the Victor of the 72nd Hunger Games

The Arena[edit | edit source]

The 72nd Hunger Games took place in a Ocean like area. with a Destroyed city Drowning in the water with shipwrecks surronding the cornucopia. with the Cornucopia inside of a Destroyed Cruise Ship

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Art Solace Died Right after being crowned Victor , Due to the 72nd Capitol Hunger games bombing
  • Art killed 8 tributes in his games,
  • This Arena was one Of the Most Different, And Dangerous Arenas of all of the Hunger games
  • Art was one of the First Male Victors of District 9
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