66th Hunger Games
Type Regular
Arena Jagged rocks, white-rapid rivers and waterfalls
Winning District District 3
Winner Holly Sheer
Preceeded by 65th Hunger Games
Followed by 67th Hunger Games

The 66th Hunger Games was the annual installment of the Hunger Games, which occurred approximately 9 years prior to the beginning of the 75th Hunger Games, Arena 01.

Games SummaryEdit

The 66th Hunger Games were considered to have a surprise twist, courtesy of its Victor, Holly Sheer. Holly - who had been deliberately (albeit secretly) trained for the Games, and then placed into the Reaping by her father - intentionally underscored and did nothing during training in order to deceive other Tributes into thinking she was not a threat. However, starting with the Cornucopia, Holly used her ruse of misconception to her advantage, killing one Tribute almost immediately after getting off the platform. To the surprise of many who had written her off as an obvious first-day kill, she quickly became a favorite to win.

Holly managed to get at least six more kills during the Games by luring Tributes to the rocks and then using them to facilitate their deaths. Holly ultimately won by surviving being washed away by a flooding white-water rapid which killed her final opponent. Her win ended a decade-long lack of Victors for District 3.

The ArenaEdit

The Arena of the 66th Hunger Games was practically nothing but jagged rocks, white-rapid rivers and waterfalls. Very little vegetation and animal life spawned during this arena, making it imperative to rely on the Cornucopia and Sponsors. During the final days, it is implied that the rivers were intentionally sped up and flooded to force a final confrontation and Victor.


  • Holly Sheer is not the only Victor known to have deliberately underscored in order to gain an advantage in the Hunger Games, though she is currently the earliest known example.
  • Holly Sheer is the only known example of a Victor from a non-Career District who was deliberately trained for the Games, despite the training prohibition in the rules of the Hunger Games.
  • Discounting the fact that her session was deliberately skewed, Holly Sheer is tied for the lowest-scoring Victor in Hunger Games history, having achieved a 3 in her Training session. However, as she was eventually revealed to have deliberately underscored, and was subsequently Avoxed, this particular record in terms of current known Victors and current Mentors is currently attributed to belong to someone else.
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