63rd Hunger Games
Type Regular
Arena Deep-cliff canyons with forest bottom
Winning District District 8
Winner Calico Suere
Preceeded by 62nd Hunger Games
Followed by 64th Hunger Games

The 63rd Hunger Games was the annual installment of the Hunger Games, which occurred approximately 13 years prior to the beginning of the 75th Hunger Games, Arena 01.

Games SummaryEdit

The 63rd Hunger Games was unusual in that, alongside the expected Career alliance, there was also an unorthodox alliance between Tributes from Districts 8 and 11. It was implied to be a relatively quick competition, completing in approximately two weeks.

The competition wound down to a cliff-side scuffle between the final two Tributes. Ultimately, Calico Suere - having survived by tracking and killing a bear and using its parts for supplies - pushed the boy off the side of a 2,660 foot cliff after his attempt to attack her, procuring her unexpected victory.

The ArenaEdit

The Arena of the 63rd Hunger Games was a large canyon with long, steep cliffs, with a forested bottom. Various wild animals, such as bears, were known to live hidden in caves which dotted the Arena; they were territorial and had no compunctions about attacking Tributes. There were bushes and trees which had unusual fruits and berries, though it was implied that the Gamemakers may have deliberately made these scarce as time went by in order to force the Tributes to try their hand at obtaining food from animals or other Tributes.


  • Calico is the lowest-scored Victor currently Mentoring, having achieved a 5 in her Training session. Though there are two Victors that have been named known to have gotten lower scores than her, it is also known that both deliberately underperformed for their Training scores; Holly Sheer, the former acknowledged record holder, has also since been Avoxed. Thus, Calico's hold on the record is based on the known legitimacy of her Training session, as well as the unperson status of Holly Sheer.
  • This particular Arena was either a replica of, or in fact took place in, what was once Zion National Park. If so, this is one of the few Arenas where a definitive location can be pinpointed to a specific area - in this case, somewhere in District 2.
  • Ironically, this was one of two known instances where an eventual District 8 Victor used the skin of a dangerous animal they killed as part of their Games strategy.
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