62nd Hunger Games
Type Regular
Arena Deep-cliff canyons with forest bottom
Winning District District 2
Winner Enobaria
Preceeded by 61st Hunger Games
Followed by 63rd Hunger Games

The 62nd Hunger Games was the annual installment of the Hunger Games, which occurred approximately 14 years prior to the beginning of the 75th Hunger Games, Arena 01.

Games SummaryEdit

The 62nd Hunger Games was mostly what would be considered a "regular" Hunger Games, at least up until the finale. The Tributes from the Career Districts formed an alliance, as was expected and even typical strategy, until it was down to one male and one female. During the end, the female tribute, Enobaria, fell on her new opponent and ripped out his throat using nothing but her teeth. To this day the action is considered one of the most popular and entertaining endings to an Arena.

The ArenaEdit

Details about the Arena of the 62nd Hunger Games are currently unknown.


  • Enobaria surgically altered her teeth to be pointed and gold in commemoration of her Games performance.
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