(This is all fake) Arena

The arena was set on the dirty streets of Blackpool. The force field annoyed a lot of residents. The weather was, as usual, overcast.

Cornucopia Bloodbath

Many tributes, as usual, ran to the Blackpool Tower, the acting Cornucopia. This is where loads of Nike pouches and backpacks full of useful supplies such as lighters for spliffs and kitchen knives were nabbed by the 24 tributes. Josh Road-Mann ran for a backpack and a pouch. The contents of the backpack were a pair of Nike Huaraches and a bottle of Vodka. The pouch contained a trusty shank, meaning that Josh had picked up a weapon.

The Final Hours

Johnny Smith got into a fierce rap battle with Josh Road-Mann. Josh Road-Mann spat so much fire, that the tributes body burst into flames. The last line of that rap battle, before Johnny Smith was incinerated, was 'I set my bars high but your hairline is higher'. The Capitol got so gassed and President Snow, while simultaneously wearing a snap-back hat, exclaimed 'Lads, that was lit!'.

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