50th Hunger Games
Type Quarter Quell
Arena Poisonous utopian landscape
Winning District District 12
Winner Haymitch Abernathy
Preceeded by 49th Hunger Games
Followed by 51st Hunger Games

The 50th Hunger Games was the annual Hunger Games which happened twenty-five years before the events of The Games RP. It was notable for having the only living District 12 Victor up until the 74th Hunger Games, as well as the first Hunger Games to have a Tribute utilize the force field around the Arena as a weapon.

It was also notable for being a Quarter Quell, and as such, had different rules (i.e. a "twist") when Reaping Tributes. In this case, the "twist" was that every District sent double the Tributes, as a symbolic reminder to the Districts. According to Capitol lore, for every Capitol citizen that died in the Rebellion, two citizens of the Districts were killed in response.

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