37th Hunger Games
Type Regular
Arena Moab National Park canyons
Winning District District 9
Winner Eva Salazar
Preceeded by 36th Hunger Games
Followed by 38th Hunger Games

The 37th Hunger Games was the annual installment of the Hunger Games, which occurred approximately 38 years prior to the beginning of the 75th Hunger Games, Arena 01.

Games SummaryEdit

The eventual Victor of this Arena, Eva Salazar, obtained a crossbow at the Cornucopia. She used her weapon to pick off other Tributes and herd them into each other from the cliffs, although she also used deceit to turn on the allies she made. After she ran out of crossbow bolts, she took to strangling other tributes with her belt. When it came down to her last opponent, she mutilated the other tribute’s face in an rage, ripping his nose off.

The ArenaEdit

The Arena for the 37th Games was tightly-enclosed and primarily took place in a canyon in what was once Utah's Moab National Park. The cornucopia took place atop a peak, although ropes were provided for the descent; two tributes met their death by falling off the edge in the first few minutes. A few manmade fountains rested at the bottom of the canyons and quickly became focal points for violence. Two tributes died from heat stroke and dehydration. Tributes skilled at climbing were highly favored, and sponsor gifts were largely comprised of ropes, climbing gear, sunscreen and jugs of water. One tribute received the rather useless gift of tanning oil.

This arena's muttations were relatively scarce, aside from shrikes bred to attack eyes. However, the wildlife included rattlesnakes, poisonous spiders and scorpions, and imported, unaltered animals such as gila monsters and aggressive javelinas.

The outfits for this arena included lightweight jackets, bandanas, denim pants, hiking boots and fingerless gloves.


  • At the time of her victory, Eva was the first mother to win a Hunger Games. While her stylists initially tried to sell her as an ice queen, the 'mama bear' angle caught on with the audiences and soon became her public image.
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