36th Hunger Games
Arena mountain forest with a lake
Winning District District 7
Winner Othar Trygvassen
Preceeded by 35th Hunger Games
Followed by 37th Hunger Games

The 36th Hunger Games was the annual installment of the Hunger Games, which occurred approximately 39 years prior to the beginning of the 75th Hunger Games, Arena 01.

Games SummaryEdit

The eventual Victor of this Arena, Othar Trygvassen, teamed up with the female tribute from District 3 after killing her district partner at the cornucopia. Together they ensured the deaths of six other tributes, including four careers in a rockslide they caused. In the aftermath of the rockslide, Othar and his partner had a picnic lunch together, which proved deadly as Othar had poisoned her.

The ArenaEdit

Just your bog-standard mountain forest by a lake.


  • The first instance of a Victor attempting to poison himself.
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