25th Hunger Games
Type Quarter Quell
Arena Unknown
Winning District 12
Winner Venice Grammar
Preceeded by 24th Hunger Games
Followed by 26th Hunger Games

The 25th Hunger Games was the annual Hunger Games which happened fifty years before the events of The Games RP. It was notable for being the first Quarter Quell, and as such, had different rules (i.e. a "twist") when Reaping Tributes. In this case, the "twist" was that every District had to voluntarily elect Tributes they sent from their entire population, as opposed to the usual Reaping process.

Games SummaryEdit

The details about this year's Hunger Games are currently unknown.

The ArenaEdit

The details about this Arena are currently unknown.


  • This Hunger Games was the first time potential Tributes were Reaped outside of the regular Tribute pool (i.e. District children, one male and one female, between the ages of 12-18). The next time this would happen would be during the timeline of The Games RP, where Tributes are reaped from other worlds.
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